Furniture Repairs in Park Hills, KY

Furniture in your home is like the cherry on a sundae—a house is just not complete without it. Oftentimes, furniture pieces have been passed down through generations of a family and have sentimental value. Other items might have cost a pretty penny to acquire and solely bring monetary value and convenience. Whichever value your furniture holds to you, Zuhause Home Furniture Repair, LLC in Park Hills, KY, can take care of any furniture refinishing and fixes that come our way.


In-home and at your convenience

With some of the most competitive rates in Kenton County, we also provide our customers with a free estimate on the furniture repairs needed. To offer you the most convenience possible, we complete our services in your home or business. This means you don’t have to try to find a way to get large or oddly shaped pieces out the door and into ours. Bringing all necessary tools along with us, we tackle even the most difficult furniture repairs. This includes restoration, assembly of furniture, quick upholstery if needed, and so much more.

Whether the damage to your furniture is preventing use or is simply an aesthetic blemish, don’t wait to get it fixed. Taking care of the issue now will save you money from having to complete costlier repairs down the road. Reach out to our team today and we’ll schedule an in-home service certain to please. 

in-home service

Unlike many of our competitors, we offer our customers the convenience of in-home services. When you need furniture repairs, we will come to you with all of the tools and supplies needed.

free Estimates

We don’t want our customers to feel that they’re being ripped off in any way. If you want to know how much your needed furniture repairs will cost, all you have to do is ask us for a free estimate.

expert Repairs

When you choose our team for your furniture refinishing or fixes, you can trust that we’re providing the most informed work possible. With plenty of experience and training, we have a reputation in the community for our outstanding attention to detail and our superior customer service.